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        Learn to seek

        Our programs focus on channeling the natural curiosity of students by giving them the tools to critically examine their surroundings and take part in hands-on solutions.

        Discover answers

        As one of the most research-intensive universities in Canada, we never stop looking for new ways to unlock and share the secrets of the world around us.

        Contribute to solutions

        What good is knowledge if we can’t use it to make the world a better place? At UCalgary, teaching, learning and research go hand-in-hand with community involvement.

        • Maps Find your way to our convocation ceremonies.
        • Guests Information about the ceremony day and online program.
        • Live video Watch our ceremonies live.
        • Ceremonies Confirm your convocation ceremony by faculty.
        • Maps Find your way around campus.
        • Tours Get to know your future campus as a current student shows you around.
        • City of choice See the top 10 reasons to live in Calgary.
        • Active Living Stay active with our world-class recreation, fitness and health facilities.

        UCalgary news

        UCalgary events

        Upcoming events

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